Stop Smoking Sucks 
 The ultimate guide to STOPPING SMOKING, when you don't want to Stop Smoking Sucks
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Stop Smoking in 28 Days Or Less! - Testimonials

Wondering if “Stop Smoking in 28 Days Or Less!” really works?

Check out these exciting testimonials from , a small sampling of many that Melvin's publishing house receives every single month:

“This was the real kick up the butt I needed in life, Melvin. You may me realize what a sorry-boy I’ve been all of these years. Giving up for me was something that really did suck, as you say. But I made it more than fun and the journey was EASY. Thank you to your team for their support too” – Gene Fox, San Diego, CA
“I have never felt better in my entire life than I do today. Thank you for the course. I need to say no more, sirs” – Greg Morrow, Joplin, MO
“Melvin, I bet you get dozens of these every day, but thank you. This isn’t a question, but a simple piece of praise. You know that pull you have, that craving for just one more cig? It left me last week, for good. I was on the second week of your program. How good is that? You can’t beat it, you can beat THIS course. You’re a star of a man” – Eric Richardson, Cheltenham, UK
“You are such an encouragement to everyone that wants to quit smoking, Melvin. I’ve sent many of my friends to your Web site and will continue to do so. Thank you for having the drive to create this course” – Will Pearson, Madison, CT
“Men always tell me that smoking is unattractive in a woman, but I haven’t been able to help myself. It’s like a real pull for me – or at least it was, until I read your book, Melvin. I just want to say thank you. You reclaimed my freedom, my smile, my teeth, even my smell. I feel like a woman again. You’re such an encouragement” – Rebekka Kay, Tulsa, OK
“Melvin, I am not writing with a question but to simply say thank you. After over thirty years of smoking, I’ve finally kicked that sickening habit – and I feel GREAT because of it. Stopping smoking DOES suck, but you really turned the tables on that myth. Thank you!!” – Paul Cripps, Derby, UK
“I want you to use this on your testimonials page, Melvin. I have been smoking now for 25 years and did NOT want to stop. I didn’t feel I had to impress anyone and am NOT the sort of person to be scared by [crazy] commercials. Then I saw your guide and ordered it just because it made me curious. I just want to say that you opened me up – I never realized before how my brain was working, and you made it not only easy, but FUN to actually give up. Man, start treating people for addictions. You’re onto a real winner!!” – Jon Slade, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
“I love this book you’ve created. I never thought I’d be able to quit. I was ashamed, embarrassed but addicted. I can’t tell you how free I feel now. My thanks to you and your team, forever” – Joan Somerville, Roslyn, PA
“Never written one of these before, but I want to. Why? Because Melvin Powers, you are da king. You’ve shown me how to quit so that I don’t gain weight, I don’t get angry, so that I don’t even MISS the cigarette. You deserve the Nobel Prize for what you’ve done for me” – Ken Gray, Columbus, GA
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