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 The ultimate guide to STOPPING SMOKING, when you don't want to Stop Smoking Sucks
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"You Know You Really MUST Stop Smoking - TODAY.
But You DON'T Want to Kick The Habit, Right?"

Let Me Show You the ULTIMATE System for Stopping Smoking
... Even When You Absolutely DON'T WANT TO.
And It's 100% GUARANTEED to Bring You Results!

Dear Friend


Years ago, I was a total cigarette addict.

I'd been smoking for so long, I found quitting IMPOSSIBLE.

And YES, I tried all of the "usual solutions." I got hooked on the strongest nicotine patches available. I tried the tobacco gum. The vitamin injections. Even the hypnosis sessions.


I knew I HAD to quit... For my health, my family, my bank balance.

But then... I would just go ahead and LIGHT UP as usual. And I'd FEEL LIKE A FAILURE.


Seriously: I was one HARDCORE smoker. And when I accidentally stumbled across this 4-step system, I knew it would work for ANYONE. The tricks are easy and SIMPLE... And they'll work for YOU!

Can you IMAGINE knowing the last cigarette you had... Was the last you'll EVER have?

And can you IMAGINE feeling fantastic about that? Knowing you don't even WANT another?

Let's be honest. No real smoker WANTS to quit. Stopping smoking SUCKS, right? Definitely!!

But if you feel somewhere deep inside that you should TAKE ACTION to break the habit, once and for all, then you need to read what I have to say.



You Really CAN Stop Smoking in 28 Days OR LESS!

Greetings, Friend. My name is Melvin G. Power...

I’m an ex-smoker living in smog city itself, London. And I want to briefly tell you my story.

You see, my family and friends didn't think that I could quit smoking. I loved my cigarettes and occasional cigars. And I would continuously groan about the TV commercials telling me I was killing myself.

Listen – STOPPING SMOKING SUCKS, I’d yell across the couch!

But what they didn't know was that I had already made up a battle plan to ATTACK my addiction to cigarettes – in a way that made it FUN for me!

Now, it’s not your fault that you smoke, right? Come on, no-one WANTS to be a chain-smoker. Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is a bad habit. But the only people who know how difficult it is to quit smoking are the people who have tried it. And I am one who knows.

I also know that YOU CAN DO IT, too!


How Would You Like a Four Step Plan to DEFEAT Your Nicotine Dependency… WITHOUT the PAIN?

I want to share my REAL secrets with you.

"Stop Smoking in 28 Days or Less!" is the exact system that I used to kick my habit for good. It's an easy-to-read, thoroughly researched, step-by-step, encouraging, even fun BATTLE PLAN to stomp out those cigarettes from your life – forever!

Everyone needs a little help. And I found out the HARD WAY that trying to quit without a little guidance is near impossible. It's PAINFUL, and it really does SUCK.

It wasn't until I dug down... did some research... and got PREPARED for my new smoke-free life that I was finally able to quit, and REALLY enjoy myself!

Luckily for you, I've got all that preparatory work down in print for you to see. There will be no surprises for you on your journey to becoming a non-smoker.

"Stop Smoking in 28 Days or Less!" is my cram-packed guide, full of absolutely essential information. It’s a no-nonsense, totally honest guide to quitting smoking – even if you don’t want to!

Now, for STARTERS, you’ll learn some of the REAL truths about smoking. I’m not talking about the “scare-mongering” you find on Government commercials.

These are REAL FACTS, no bull…

The SIX MAIN REASONS why people start smoking, and which apply to you. (Pages 5 and 6)

What proportion of people living in industrialized nations die from smoking-related illnesses. I guarantee you’ll be amazed by this! (Page 10)
The number of years on average a smokers’ life expectancy is reduced. (Ten years? You’re not even close!). (Page 10)
How smoking can cause IMPOTENCY in men and reduced fertility/premature menopause in women. (Page 10)
Why you MUST stop smoking now if you value your eyes. This little-known fact about the risk of losing your sight if you are a smoker WILL shock you! (Page 11)
SEVEN MORE COMPELLING REASONS for giving up smoking – and not one of them has anything to do with your own health! (Pages 11 and 12)

But you don’t want to be told why smoking is BAD for you, right? You already know this much.

That’s why you’re visiting my site... and...


That’s Why I Want To Share My EXCLUSIVE Arsenal

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn, with my assistance…

The GOF Method – my unique, patented method for overcoming withdrawal symptoms. A powerful psychological technique NEVER REVEALED IN PRINT BEFORE, this is worth the price of the manual alone! (Page 26)
The FIVE main types of anti-smoking medication, and how much each of them will improve your chances of quitting permanently. (Page 27)
The ONE medication studies have repeatedly found is TWICE as effective as any other. (Page 27)
The BRAND NEW DRUG that in clinical trials helped nearly half of smokers quit. Even your doctor may not know about this yet! (Page 37)
How SELF-HYPNOSIS can help you to give up smoking – and where you can obtain a tailor-made self-hypnosis script you can use as often as you like for UNDER $15! (Page 30)
A SIMPLE method you can use to ensure your whole family is four-square behind your battle to quit. Here’s a clue – it involves the contents of your purse or wallet! (Page 31)


Here’s where many people – and many so-called experts – GET IT WRONG!

They forget that giving up smoking involves more than just quitting the evil weed – it requires other changes to your lifestyle as well.

I’m talking about EASY and FUN changes. But until you make these alterations, you will NOT quit permanently. That’s my guarantee!


Why you should get rid of EVERYTHING IN YOUR HOME AND IN YOUR LIFE that reminds you of smoking. (Page 36)
How you can use exercise to your advantage when quitting. (Page 35)
Why eating a healthy diet will be a major factor in your success – plus what foods to STICK WITH and what to STAY CLEAR OF on your journey to becoming a non-smoker (Pages 38–40)
THE TRUTH about stopping smoking and putting on weight (it’s NOT inevitable, and I’ll tell you the EXACT secret to losing it again almost immediately!) (Page 37)
Why many smokers have trouble sleeping – and how you can get a great night’s sleep every night by following a few simple guidelines. (Pages 40–43)

, there’s more. Much more…

Why "cutting down" on the number of cigarettes you smoke is a recipe for failure. (Page 32)
At least eight different items that can diminish your craving for a cigarette. (Page 20)
How to PLAN your day in order to keep your mind off the tobacco craving. (Page 35)
Why you shouldn't kid yourself with "Low Tar" and "Low Nicotine" cigarettes. (Page 33)
A Simple BREATHING Exercise that really can control your urge to smoke. (Page 19)
Four POWERFUL psychological messages I left around the house to help me quit. They worked for me – they can work for you, too! (Page 17)
How long it takes after quitting before your risk of having a heart attack is halved – and how long before your risk of getting lung cancer or heart disease becomes the same as someone who has never smoked. (Page 47)
EIGHT BENEFITS you WILL notice within weeks of giving up smoking – and certainly by the end of the 28 Days in the title of this manual! (Page 47)

And there's still MUCH, MUCH MORE I haven’t had time to tell you about here!


Are you ready to quit smoking for the LAST TIME !?

I'm gonna tell you right now... while you are trying your best to stay away from cigarettes, you are not going to want ANY surprises.

You do NOT want to be reminded of how much you want a cigarette every time you see your favorite chair that you used to smoke in each night. For this situation...

...just turn to page 35!

It's in there. I wrote this book because I knew that being prepared is incredibly empowering. It can make the difference.

But don’t just take MY word for it!

Read these unsolicited testimonials from – just a few from the many hundreds in my publisher’s mailbag – from people who successfully quit smoking – after reading the advice in my manual:

“Melvin, I am not writing with a question but to simply say thank you. After over thirty years of smoking, I’ve finally kicked that sickening habit – and I feel GREAT because of it. Stopping smoking DOES suck, but you really turned the tables on that myth. Thank you!!” – Paul Cripps, Derby, UK
“I want you to use this on your testimonials page, Melvin. I have been smoking now for 25 years and did NOT want to stop. I didn’t feel I had to impress anyone and am NOT the sort of person to be scared by [crazy] commercials. Then I saw your guide and ordered it just because it made me curious. I just want to say that you opened me up – I never realized before how my brain was working, and you made it not only easy, but FUN to actually give up. Man, start treating people for addictions. You’re onto a real winner!!” – Jon Slade, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
“I love this book you’ve created. I never thought I’d be able to quit. I was ashamed, embarrassed but addicted. I can’t tell you how free I feel now. My thanks to you and your team, forever” – Joan Somerville, Roslyn, PA
“Never written one of these before, but I want to. Why? Because Melvin Powers, you are da king. You’ve shown me how to quit so that I don’t gain weight, I don’t get angry, so that I don’t even MISS the cigarette. You deserve the Nobel Prize for what you’ve done for me” – Ken Gray, Columbus, GA

Want to read more testimonials? JUST CLICK HERE!

So there it is.

You don't need to go out and hire some hypnotist who will charge you a fortune by the hour to "cure" you from your cravings. The cravings are going to come. You just need to know how to deal with them.

If you get my report today, you could be a non-smoker by tomorrow. I won't kid you that it’ll be easy – it certainly wasn't for me – but with the right knowledge, preparation and application, tomorrow could be your first smoke-free day in a brand new SMOKE-FREE LIFETIME!

I spent a lot of time putting this report together and it’s not free.

So HOW MUCH is my time and research worth to you?

How about thousands less than what you'll spend on cigarettes this year alone?

In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if it were less than what you'll spend on cigarettes TODAY.

Spend just $24.95 today and you will get my fun Four-Step Battle Plan, "Stop Smoking in 28 Days or Less!" within minutes. You can download it straight to your computer and start attacking your addiction today. It's a small price to pay for beating your dependency and regaining your quality of life.

Even so, I don’t want you feel that you’re taking any chances at all in ordering my guide.
Your health is far too important for me to jeopardize in that way.

So, in conjunction with my publishers, I’m offering you the following amazing, no-risk guarantee…


Total 100% MONEY-BACK Guarantee!!

Want to quit smoking? We GUARANTEE that this exciting new course from Melvin G. Powers will help you quit… IN JUST 28 DAYS!

You'll discover Melvin's powerful BATTLE PLAN for quitting -
and discover how to overcome all of the traditional side effects.

And if you're NOT satisfied?
Simply let us know. We’ll give you a 100% REFUND – on the spot!

It’s the ULTIMATE guarantee.
You literally have NOTHING to LOSE. Just try it out!

That’s it, then. The talking is over – it's time to make your choice.

So give yourself the best present anyone could give – the gift of life itself. To order "Stop Smoking in 28 Days or Less!" RIGHT NOW, just click on the button below…

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Access details will be delivered via email immediately after purchase. FREE lifetime support.
We accept all major credit cards.

Yours in good health,

Melvin G. Power
Author, "Stop Smoking in 28 Days or Less!"
Program Director, Stop Smoking

P.S. Insurance companies... have worked out that on average every cigarette you smoke reduces your life expectancy by 10.7 minutes, a packet by over 3½ hours. So you REALLY CAN’T AFFORD TO WAIT A SINGLE DAY LONGER. Buy “Stop Smoking in 28 Days or Less!” TODAY and start reversing the damage caused by cigarettes tomorrow! Click HERE!

P.P.S. Remember – under the terms of my publisher’s unique guarantee, you really have NOTHING TO LOSE by taking up this offer, and potentially a WHOLE NEW LIFE TO GAIN when you follow my unique plan and STOP SMOKING IN 28 DAYS OR LESS! Click HERE to get access to your copy!

P.P.P.S. Not sure whether it'll work? I know how HOPELESS it can feel sometimes. I've BEEN THERE, remember. I KNOW the agony of trying to quit and failing. And I GUARANTEE that I can get you OUT of that rut. So take this ONE MOVE NOW - even if you don't think you can make it. Click HERE *NOW*!